Outdoor advertising poster
Pixel pitch::P2.941mm/P3.846
Module size::200200mm
Display Size:1000mm(W)1800mm(H)120mm
Display style::Single and Double
LED configuration:SMD1919
Way to install::positive or side installation
IP rate::IP65
Cabinet material::galvanized steel and aluminum frame
Standard color::black/silver/gray
power consumption:350W/sqm
Control mode::3G/4G//Free WIFI/Internet control/Mobile APP

Product Description

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Pixel pitch: P2.941/P3.846 

Environment: Outdoor

Module size: 200*200mm

Display size: 1000*1800*120mm

Brightness: 7200CD/

Display style: single and Double

LED configuration: SMD1919

Way to install: Positive or side installation

IP rate: IP65

Cabinet material: galvanized steel and aluminum frame

Standard color: black/silver/gray

Operating temperature: -20°C--+50°C

Operating life: 100,000 hours

Refresh rate: 1920HZ

Viewing angle: 120°*20°

Operation power: AC110/220V 50/60HZ

Power Consumption: 350w/

Control mode: 3G/4G/Free WIFI/Internet control/Mobile APP

Software language: English/Chinese

Origin country: Shenzhen

Certification: CE/ROSH/FCC/UL

Products feature:

1) High IP65 rate.

The whole machine sealing design, dustproof and waterproof

2) Cabinet very light weight

The cabinet adopt galvanized steel and aluminum frame can make the cabinet has a strong bearing ability and light weight

3) Long time without fading

Prevent bask in explosion-proof, galvanized steel sheet, specialized surface treatment technology, outdoor use up to 8 years without fading.

4) Pictures or videos are vivid colors

Anti-reflection reduction effect, import anti galre AR laminated glass to increase internal light protection, to reduce the reflection of external light, highlight LED advertising display color images.

5) High brightness and energy conservation with automatic adjustment

7200CD/ for outdoor,and it can automatic adjustment to achieve energy saving again

6) Large-scale remote cluster control and intelligent temperature control

With clustered control system to realize the remote real-time release information, anti fog, anti condensation phenomenon.


Commercial cents,Bus station, Metro station, Community, Walking street, School, Hospital, Roadside, Park, Supermarket, Packing lot, Hotel, Gas station, Automobile 4s shop, Tourist attraction, etc.

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