Club and Bar

  • Decorate your clubs impressive

    Relax yourself at a bar or club? When you went into some bars, maybe you will see creative stuff from Fengjiled! FJ-CT Series are the product, specially designed for clubs , bars and KTV. It can make the architect design come true. FJ-CT Series product is flexiable, bendable, and easy for installation.

    Why Fengjiled for Clubs application?

    Creative â€“ Creative design for any kind of shape installation

    Various usage - can be bend, roll, wrap, fold, drape, to help you achive unique design

    Easy operation -light weight, easy for service and installation

    DMX control - DMX control with high grey level and good refreshment

    Dream product-- Ideal products for architect, clubs, bars or even outdoor media facede.

    Fengjiled system diagram: