Hit your target market

DOOH, Digital-out-of home, has proved to be effective and attractive to the buyers. And more and more outdoor LED screen are put outside for advertising, beside high spead way, city center, shopping malls, traffice center, buliding top,etc. FengJiLed has created FJ-DIP series and FJ-SMD series for DOOH market; At FengJiLed, you can see DIP6mm and DIP8mm are widely used; what's more, FengJiLed has developed the SMD outdoor screen into 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. FengJiLed: The Best LED Solutions for your choice!

Why FengJiled For DOOH applications?

FengJiLED technology â€“ high brightness and lower power consumption, save the cost for DOOH clients.

Stable performance - well designed inside signal cable and power cable, stable power supply and long life span,IP65 waterproof.

Automatic brightness adjustment- With ensitive control system, it can adjust the display brightness automatically based on the brightness change of indoor or outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs.

Remote control - you can control and change the screen information by remote network; and you can control your screens located at different cities in one place.

Monitoring system: with our environment monitoring system, you can know the operation of the led screens at anytime and anywhere.

Easy maintenance - Front and rear service available, easy for maintenance.

FengJiLed system diagram: