Build a colorful stage

Big format LED screens are widely used for stage background, events, exhibitions,etc; to make the stage or events colorful and impressive. Stage led screen normally is temperary, after the show, should dismental and move the led screen away. It requires the stage led screen should be lightweight, easy for installation, transportation. FengJiled has a wonderful product, called FJ-CS seriesFJ-CR Series is used for indoor mainly, but FJ-OR Series can be used for outdoor. It has 500x500mm and 500x1000mm for selection, or can be combined together!

Why FengJiled series for stage rental application?

Easy for installation– Modular design, lightweight, easy to install, dismental, tranport.

Great performance - High contrast, high grey level and high refreshment for camera shooting.

Auto color calibration - ensure the color and brightness uniformity.

Competitive cost - FJ-OR series is not only a good product, but also of competitve price,which ensure mass stage background making.

High fidelity image - It is equiped with a professional audio and video system to process multiple signals, to display high fidelity images. 

FengJiled system diagram: