LED Poster


Create attractive retail stores

Retail stores are located inside shopping malls, airports and beside street; how to attract customes into the stores?  put a FengJiled product inside! FengJiled has created the FJ-LED poster series, which covers from 1.8mm to 3mm by using the SMD technology. It will help the retailers generate a truly remarkable visitor experience!

Why FengJiled For Retail stores?

High reliability– well designed inside signal cable and power cable, stable power supply and long life span.

Easy maintenance - Front and rear service, very fast to change the modules, power supplys,cables.

Remote control - you can control and change the screen information by remote network; and you can control your screens located at different cities in one place.

Monitoring system: with our environment monitoring system, you can know the operation of the led screens at anytime and anywhere.

Easy of Use - The light-weight design combined with the simple plug and play system delivers a quick set-up and dismantle process perfect for temporary installs.

FengJiled system diagram: