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What is the difference ,the rental LED screen and the fixed LED display?


First, Different display effect requirements:  the fixed LED displays only play the propaganda effect,  play the video and video picture, but the LED stage rental screen should receive the high-definition camera and the camera's shooting,  the rental LED screen's refreshing frequency and the display effect request are more strict. Require high configuration

Second. box differences:  Fixed LED display, is fixed, fixed installation and waterproof, the structure is more heavy.

For the rental LED display, it is often required to disassemble, install and transport. Therefore, the design of the box structure is required to be easily disassembled and is required to be portable and convenient for transportation. The box is usually made of die casting aluminum box, with light structure and high stability, it is convenient to install and disassemble at any time. It is suitable for holding concerts and stage performances.

Third, Installation way. The structure of the lease hold screen box is designed with fast lock, which is convenient and quick to disassemble and install. For example, when a concert is finished, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage to build quickly, saving time and labor.

But the traditional LED indoor and outdoor display, usually fixed installation, fixed position, will not be easy to move.

In addition, the LED stage rental display screen has light weight, thin structure, hoisting and quick installation. Only in this way can we meet the requirements of the rental market, such as rapid installation, disassembling and handling.

The rental screen is easy to handle, easy to operate, and can be assembled into different shapes to meet the different needs of the rental site. The unique processing technology : the unique structure design of the welding process is optimized, which avoids the bad contact of welding spot caused by frequent handling and causes the failure condition.


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