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Make light Box Media anywhere

Light Box is a very popular and classic way for media advertising, it is small size to fit the bus stop, entrance, receptions, shops,etc. 

FengJiled has created the FJ-LED Poster series, focus on the light box media application. FJ-LED Poster is portable with wheels, so that you can move them arround; FJ- LED Poster is light weight, high resolution, support 3G/4G and can be used for indoor and outdoor. FJ- LED Poster can do Customized LED light box based on your requirements.

Why FengJiled For Light Box Media application?

Customizablity - Asynchronous and Synchronous control method can be tailor-made based on your request.

Strong - Alloy material base is extremely strong, which makes sure the FJ-Poster steadily and it can be moved arround at your will.

Perfect performance - Adopting LED as the display element, has high refresh rate, high brightness, long lifespan features.

Easy operation -Many options avaliable to update contents such as cable, wireless and USB disk.

Uniqueness Ideal replacements for Roll Up, X-shaped Display Stand, which makes the business lobby more attractive.

FengJiled system diagram:




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